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Coquitlam Locksmith Residential Service.
Coquitlam Locksmith has been providing services for opening any locks for more than fifteen years. After opening the door by our expert the door will have no damage. The master often manages to save the lock itself. And therefore, your maintenance costs after home lockouts will be minimal. If you need, our master will repair doors and will help you to choose and install the lock.

Coquitlam Locksmith masters can open everything, from locking mailbox to the modern in-room electronic safe cracking. If you have lost the key or forgot the combination to the safe and you need key duplication to open the car door or open the door of the apartment, garage, then you should call us. Our craftsmen come very quickly. Even if the service is on the other end of the city, our master will start working within 15 minutes.

So if you have a broken key, jammed lock or there has been attempt to hack doors, or if you need key extraction to open the garage without damage of the lock, to carry out emergency opening of the safe door with a combination lock, you should take the advantage of our services:

  • Emergency opening of door locks.
  • Urgent opening of metal doors without damage.
  • Opening, repair and rekey locks of safes of any complexity.
  • Opening of car locks.

Installation of door locks, repair of doors in Coquitlam, consultation on the choice of locks.

All the lockout works are made only with the necessary document or ID certifying the ownership of the lockout object.

Coquitlam Locksmith lockout services:

  • Whatever the lock is, unlock it without damaging the door.
  • The opening of the door lock
  • The opening of lever locks
  • The opening of the latch
  • The opening of the lock with two keys
  • The opening of interior doors

Master Key system

Do you live in a mansion?

Solution: Keyed Alike system allows you to open the fence gate locks, garage, main entrance, using only one key.

Do you live in an apartment building?

Solution: Common Entrance system. Every resident can have one of the common areas (gate, main entrance, etc.), but this key, of course, will not allow them to open the apartment door of another resident! In turn, the main entrance door to the building can be opened by key of the staff, but this key will not allow you to open the apartment tenants.

Our licensed specialists will help to open doors in the apartment, house, office, etc. We can open metal, wood and other doors without damaging them. We open doors in emergency situations. We also open safes, suitcases, mailboxes, all lockable devices.

Craftsmen can make custom locks installation, combination locks change, installation of door handles, latches, carry out prevention of locks and mechanisms.

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