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Coquitlam Locksmith – a great experience on the opening of any kind of locks!
For more than 16 years, our company provides locksmith services operatively as well as a set of additional services in this area. Our specialists can be trusted, as every our employee is a master of his craft. Besides, thanks to many years of experience in installing and servicing locks, deadbolts, panic hardware, exit devices, and window bars, our workers can deal with the lock of any complexity and configuration.

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A short list of Coquitlam Locksmith residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive services:

  • 24/7 emergency locksmith service
  • Emergency home lockouts and key replacement
  • Door locks replacement and installation
  • Emergency car lockout
  • Emergency door & frame repair
  • Lock change

The main direction of the emergency maintenance service is helping people in cases where it’s impossible to open the room, car, safebox or any other locked space in the usual way.

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This service is called “emergency lockout” and is made only if you have the property documents or in the presence of the law enforcement officials. Almost all the locks and cylinders are cracked by our masters without damaging the doors and maintaining the functionality of the lock. Coquitlam Locksmith service is also made without damaging the locks and the integrity of the doors– this also applies to the safe and car locks. Car lockout is made directly through the lock, using the special instruments. This way of cracking doesn’t damage the lock, doors and windows of the car. The emergency lock picking is made without drilling. Manipulating the precise tools, knowing the structure and working principle of the safe locks, our masters opens the safe locks very carefully. If our workers replace or install the locks, we ensure the correct and comfortable exploitation of locks and cylinders; if the masters repair the locks or cut the keys, they work. If necessary, you’ll be provided with the special consultation on the safety and secrecy of the locks, cylinders and anti-theft alarm.

How much does it cost?
The price for lock bust can vary substantially, ranging from 95$. Of course, it depends on the complexity of work. The type of lock also plays an important role (yale lock, springlock,cross slide lock, disk lock, dead lock, bit-key lock, etc.). Besides, the price also depends on the cause of lockout, as such service may be required in different cases – for example, the lock is broken or you’ve just lost the key.

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What do you get by calling Coquitlam Locksmith?
The main advantage of our company is that we provide an emergency lock picking. Usually, this operation must be performed in the shortest terms, as the locks always break unexpectedly and at the most inappropriate moment. Contacting us, you can be sure that our specialists will reply your request in 15 minutes and pick your lock immediately.
Surely, after lock break you’ll have to change the broken lock for the new one. But what if such an unpleasant event occurred late at night? Coquitlam Locksmith can not only force the locks, but also provide a set of additional services, such as an installation of a new lock, door hinges repair and installation, key replacement, etc. Besides, sometimes it is possible to repair the cracked lock (it is especially relevant if you have an expensive model).

Coquitlam Locksmith gives its customers the following guarantees:

  1. Absolute confidentiality. All the information about our customers and their orders remains only in the documents kept under lock and key. The dissemination of this data is strictly forbidden.
  2. Professionalism. High level of professional skills of our experts.
  3. Excellence. Our locksmiths do their work very faithfully, as we appreciate the quality above all.
  4. Speed. Besides the fact that our workers show the good level of work, they also do it very quickly. Quality together with speed and availability 24/7 leave a lasting impression on the grateful clients.

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