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Coquitlam Locksmith Door and frame installation and repair.

Coquitlam Locksmith provides services of the installation of your front door locks at affordable prices. If necessary, our experts carry out door repair and fixing broken mechanisms and re-insert any door profile as well as frame repair. Contacting our company you will get quality work done in a short time.

What services do Coquitlam Locksmith offer?

Our team faces no major problems with installing or opening: all experts have at least 5 year experience. We can easily cope with the task, and that’s why it does not matter what kind of lock it is, we work with both complex and simple types of mechanisms.

Coquitlam Locksmith offers you to set lock for any type of door:

  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum.

The master will arrive at your destination within 15-20 minutes after your call and assess the situation.

What does Coquitlam Locksmith deal with?

Mandatory lock should be replaced for several reasons, including:

  • wear of the locking mechanism and its parts;
  • difficulty in turning the key;
  • attempted break-in doors;
  • improper care of a keyhole;
  • loss of primary and spare keys;
  • corrosion of the metal of the lock;

the improvement of safety homes, apartments, safe or car.

Do not attempt to use the improvised tools to perform the repair or installation of locking mechanism. Remember that incorrectly performed work may result in the purchase of new doors. Ask the professionals to help you.
Coquitlam Locksmith entrance door installation

Entrust installation of entrance doors to specialists! Professional door installation is very important for further operation; properly installed entrance doors improve the safety and security of your home. Long and trouble-free operation of the door depends on the quality of the installation. Horizontal and vertical position of the door should be adjusted carefully, and that requires the professional experience of our specialists.

Another important argument in favor of the installation of the doors by a specialist is correct functioning of locks and latches, door hinges repair and installation, which in many ways, depends on the quality of the door installation. If the doors are installed crooked, out of alignment, there will be problems with closing the locks, they will be stuck and even broken. Even if you have have set the door “properly”, it does not mean that you have done it “qualitatively”, as a quality door installation requires a lot of experience. Self-installed doors often break down, the main elements of doors, locks, handles, hinges wear out – and this, in turn, makes you purchase a new door or repair the old one. So do not skimp on installing a front door! It is, first and foremost, the safety of your family and property.

The restoration of the doors

When do you need the restoration of the doors? It can be completely different cases; according to our practice, it is the restoration of the doors after emergency opening, concealed door closers, damage of doors by pets, harsh weather conditions, direct sunlight on the door, physical damage to doors and locks. In cases where the installation of a new door is impractical, Coquitlam Locksmith experts will work on the sliding door and rollers repair.

Lock replacement service

  • the gain of the doors in the field of lock parts;
  • opening and replacement of locks in the city of Coquitlam and in the region;
  • installation of locks in a metal door in the old place;
  • lock replacement;
  • repair of door locks;
  • replacement of larvae and secrets;
  • prevent break in and installation of extra lock;
  • recoding of the lock;
  • opening of locks and doors of any design; metal, armored or wooden doors.
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