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What is an emergency car opening and why is it important to entrust it to Coquitlam Locksmith?

Our company is a team of professionals which provide professional services for emergency car opening and emergency lock opening in Coquitlam. High qualification, long experience and integrity are the main principles that underpin our activities.

When may you need the services of emergency car opening?

You should agree that when we hear about such incidents with other drivers, we think that this is absolutely ridiculous situation and it will never happen to us. Actually nobody is actually insured against such cases.

Reasons of breakdowns are often:

  • Damaged alarm system;
  • Unsuccessful attempt of breaking auto;
  • Breakage of locking mechanism;
  • Locked keys in car.

Automotive lockout includes the subtleties that are unknown to a motorist.

The cases are different, and there are situations when the owner of the “iron horse” simply forgets that he has a duplicate key, or that it is possible to open the car disconnecting the battery. Our experts take it into account, and the first thing they’ll suggest is to look for a duplicate if any. Disconnection of the battery, which leads to disabling the system, is one of the possible ways of opening the door of the car. Emergency opening of locks of the car is implemented by a lot of ways which are known to our own specialists but it is sometimes unknown to ordinary motorists. For example, the central locking of certain cars will open if the key is in the ignition, the car has been started and you kick the bumper of the car.

A similar situation can happen even to experienced drivers who carefully check the serviceability of mechanisms, and always carry a spare key. It is impossible to prevent such a situation, but it is possible to take appropriate protection measures and to use Coquitlam Locksmith service of emergency trunk lockout.
The car locks opening is made directly through the lock using a special tool. This method of car locks opening damages neither the lock nor the door or car windows.

Modern technologies that used to open car locks, allow us to avoid deformation of the doors and keep the locks, glass and car paintwork in the same condition.

Qualified staff of Coquitlam Locksmith and years of experience guarantee fast and quality work.

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