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Is there a problem of opening the lock?

The need for an emergency office lockout can catch any person off guard. Most often, this problem must be solved in the shortest possible time. Modern locking mechanisms of offices and commercial premises represent complex structures that greatly reduce the chances to solve the problem yourself. There is an optimal solution!

Such force majeure is negated by Coquitlam Locksmith service of emergency lockout. Highly skilled master in opening mortis locks and locks of different types and modifications will solve the current problem intelligently, accurately and quickly. Contacting our service will save you time and money, because our experts always try to open the lock without damaging not only the door but the locking mechanism and door closers as well. If the lock is beyond repair, we will change the old lock with the identical or more reliable new one in the shortest period of time.
Our advantages and experience.

The opening of the lock of the office is a kind of work where it’s important to have not power and pressure, but delicate skills and experience. Masters of Coquitlam Locksmith guarantee you full safety of the door, so if you lose your keys or encounter other unforeseen circumstances, they will always be able to open the door for you, often not even damaging the lock mechanism. Our master can open the lock of any complexity, regardless of its devices, whether it is a lever or a cylinder, or it has protection or not. Any opening is carried out without damaging the door and providing a long warranty.

Coquitlam Locksmith works with locks and panic bars of the leading and most popular manufacturers in the world and know their characteristics. This allows our technicians to make emergency locks opening neatly and quickly. It is not worth to take risks trying to open the lock by yourself if your door is equipped with a nice Italian lock for better security. The lock can be damaged, and there won’t be any result. The locks are jammed and the keys are broken usually at the most inopportune moment.
We are specialized on the manufacture of duplicate keys of English and French types, of mailboxes, furniture, also vertical ones, with laser cutting, of Finnish type, pump, cross, door, lever keys, steel keys with hole, bolt keys (direct, inverse, with a groove, round keys of all difficulties).

Master Key system. Some buildings are set with the electric strikes and access control by the hierarchical method (companies, government buildings, medical institutions and others). They may use the Master Key system. For example, a senior manager can open the doors from all premises, and employees – only definitely assigned.

The door lockout should be trusted only to Coquitlam Locksmith specialists; otherwise you risk getting such results as broken locks, damaged finishing, and in some cases – even damaged latch guards and metal doors. The time of opening locks without damaging the door panel varies from a few minutes to an hour and depends on the complexity of door locks. As a rule, the locks of the middle and higher price categories have a secret mechanism, respectively, the increased time of the opening.

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